Classes of foreign nationals





关于Express Entry申请人的类别,描述如下:

Classes of foreign nationals

2. Subsection 10.1(1) of the Act applies in respect of

(a) the federal skilled worker class referred to in subsection 75(1) of the Regulations;

(b) the Canadian experience class referred to in subsection 87.1(1) of the Regulations;

(c) the federal skilled trades class referred to in subsection 87.2(2) of the Regulations; and

(d) members of the provincial nominee class referred to in subsection 87(2) of the Regulations who are nominated by the government of one of the following provinces under its provincial nominee program express entry stream:

    (i) Ontario,

    (ii) Nova Scotia,

    (iii) New Brunswick,

    (iv) Manitoba,

    (v) British Columbia,

    (vi) Prince Edward Island,

    (vii) Saskatchewan,

    (viii) Alberta,

    (ix) Newfoundland and Labrador,

    (x) Yukon, and

    (xi) Northwest Territories.








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