Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies designated: April 17, 2013
International Credential Assessment Service of Canada designated: April 17, 2013
World Education Services designated: April 17, 2013
International Qualifications Assessment Service designated: August 6, 2015
International Credential Evaluation Service designated: August 6, 2015


特别职业:Physicians (NOC 3111 or NOC 3112) 

If your primary occupation is specialist physician (NOC 3111) or general practitioner/family physician (NOC 3112), the Medical Council of Canada must do an ECA for your primary medical diploma.

Medical Council of Canada (professional body for doctors)designated: April 17, 2013


特殊职业:Pharmacists (NOC 3131)

Pharmacists (NOC 3131)
If you need a license to practice, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada must do your assessment.

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body for pharmacists)designated: January 6, 2014




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