Atlantic Immigration Pilot 大西洋试点


PEI大西洋移民指定雇主试点项目有三类,分别为:the Atlantic High Skilled Program,the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program,the Atlantic International Graduate Program。

the Atlantic High Skilled Program allows you to attract highly skilled individuals, the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program allows you to attract semi-skilled individuals, and the Atlantic International Graduate Program allows you to attract recent graduates from Atlantic Canada post-secondary institutions.


Atlantic Immigration Pilot for Employers - Designation


To be eligible, employersmust have been in continuous, active operation under current management for at least two years in the Atlantic Region. Companies who may be relocating or expanding to the region are also eligible for the Pilot if they have confirmation of approval from the Prince Edward Island Department of Economic Development and Tourism signaling endorsement of your plans. 


Am I eligible?
To be eligible to participate in the Pilot you must be a designated employer.  To become a designated employer you must:

Want to hire full-time, non-seasonal, international candidates
Be in good standing with provincial and federal standards and legislation as per the program guidelines
Demonstrate your preparedness to receive and meet the settlement needs of international candidate(s) and accompanying family members, and agree to do so
Understand and agree to the reporting requirements for the program

What is the process?
The Pilot is a two-step process.  The first step is to become designated.  You will only need to be designated once, but you will be contacted annually by our office to update your file.  The second step is to identify international candidates that you would like to support through this program and submitting an endorsement application to our office. 


Atlantic Immigration Pilot For Employers - Endorsement


Am I eligible to endorse a foreign national?
To be eligible to endorse a foreign national you must be a designated employer.

What is the process?
You must first identify a foreign national that you want to endorse through the program and complete the job offer template (link is external).  The foreign national must then approach an approved Settlement Service Provider (link is external) with a copy of their job offer and your designation letter and get a settlement plan prepared.  You must then submit the job offer, endorsement application, and settlement plan to our office. 






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