Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a three-year employer-driven immigration program to attract and retain global talent while supporting population growth and addressing labour shortages. The pilot will allow 2000 additional immigrants and their families to come to the four Atlantic Provinces, a key component of both the Atlantic Growth Strategy and the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan.

Provincial government staff will assist local employers identify, hire and support foreign workers. In turn, successful candidates will be selected for permanent residency by the Federal government.

Employers interested in participating in the Pilot, must meet the following designation criteria:

The employer wants to hire full-time, non-seasonal international candidates;
The employer and their business are  well-established and in good standing; and
The employer is committed to meet the settlement needs of international candidate(s) and accompanying family members.
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project (Pilot) is employer-driven and intended to help employers find permanent workers to fill labour market needs that currently go unfilled.  Employers who have been approved for designation are not listed on our website or shared with individuals. 

The Pilot is focusing on recruiting temporary workers already in the province, as well as recent international student graduates from Atlantic Canadian post-secondary institutions.Some designated employers will work with the Province to recruit internationally.

Employers will meet and interview pre-screened applicants in various pre-determined locations based on employers’ needs. 
All recruitment events will be will be linked to specific sectors and skill sets in demand in New Brunswick.  Only those individuals who are in the identified sectors will be encouraged to register.
Foreign nationals interested in potentially applying for permanent residency under the Pilot are encouraged to monitor the Provincial website for any upcoming international recruitment activities.







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