BC Entrepreneur Immigration 企业家



You must disclose all of your personal net worth,including all your assets and those of your spouse or common-law partner, less any liabilities including mortgages and personal debts:
--assets in bank accounts•
--fixed (term) deposits•
--real property-新新源移民•
--investments in bonds, stocks and mutual funds•
--investments in one or more businesses•
--pensions and other assets
more than three years of experienceas an active business owner-manager(10%股份及以上)
more than four years of experience as a senior manager((no business ownership, or business ownership of less than 10percent)
a combination of at least one year of experience as an active business owner-manager
and at least two years of experience as a senior manager


Registration and application fees
All applicants must pay the following fees:

$300 registration fee
$3,500 application fee
$1,000 for each key staff application  









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