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Corporate Stream
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Corporate Stream helps and supports established international corporations looking to expand into Ontario or buy an existing business. Once the business has been successfully established and meets the obligations of a Performance Agreement, a maximum of five key staff that are essential to the establishment, continued operation, and success of the business can become eligible for nomination for permanent resident status.



--国际公司需要运营满3年,Eligible corporate structures include: public corporations, sole proprietorship, and partnerships.

--国际公司必须在安省投资至少 $5 million(扩展业务或购买已经存在的企业);

--需要创造5个新的给加拿大公民或永久居民的永久全职工作机会,才能给一个key staff applicant的移民申请配额。比如,如果提交5个移民申请,需要雇佣25个加拿大公民或永久居民。而且,这些岗位在提交移民申请前,已经雇佣他们满10个月。permanent and full-time job means a position that consists of a minimum of 1,560 hours of paid employment in a 12-month period.

--5个核心员工是安省business的骨干,且是高级管理或专业知识人员,只有一个人可以是NOC A岗位,其他人必须是NOC 0岗位。核心员工近5年必须满3年在安省business position的相关工作经验。而且申请移民时的当前一年在安省该岗位工作。核心员工不能和公司执行董事或董事会或10%股份股东有直系亲属关系。核心员工不能拥有安省business股份,除非是雇佣合同约定的少于10%的 remuneration package;



--必须提交business Plan;


business Plan:

Financialand tax statements;

Sales forecasts;

Competitor analysis;

Industry statistics;

Market trend data;

Employee staffing and human resource plans;

Risk assessments;

Applications for licenses or permits;

Industry association memberships;


Ineligible Types of Businesses 不合格企业类型请参考guide Page 9.






Entrepreneur Stream
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream helps individuals from countries outside of Canada to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in Ontario. It also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be nominated for permanent resident status once their business has been successfully established in Ontario.


申请流程:先创建EOI,然后根据分数排名等待挑选,被挑选后,签订安省Performance Agreement。然后会被签发a temporary work permit support letter to apply for a temporary work permit。来安省履行Performance Agreement后,可以被提名(you and your business partner (if applicable) )。


申请要求:your business partner (if applicable) 也需要同时满足。

--近5年至少3年全职busines experience,工作经验必须是business owner或者高管;

--如果目标企业在GTA,个人净资产需要达到150万加币;如果目标企业在GTA外,则个人净资产需要达到80万加币;如果目标企业在ICT/Digital Communications sector,则个人净资产需要达到80万加币。备注:the Greater Toronto Area (GTA – includes the City of Toronto, Durham, Halton, York and Peel regions)。

--如果目标企业在GTA,个人投资需要达到100万加币,股权至少33.3%;如果目标企业在GTA外,则个人投资需要达到50万加币,股权至少33.3%;如果目标企业在ICT/Digital Communications sector,则个人投资需要达到50万加币,股权至少33.3%。







Ineligible Types of Businesses 不合格企业类型请参考guide Page 11。


How to Structure Your Business Plan 请参考guide PAGE 41页。







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