Expression of Interest Pool draws


The frequency and number of selections from the Pool is based on a number of factors, including:

the number of places available in the Skilled/Business stream of the New Zealand Residence Programme
the quality of Expressions of Interest in the Pool, and
the total number of Expressions of Interest in the Pool at selection time.
Applicants who score points above a set selection mark will be selected in sufficient numbers to meet the New Zealand Residence Programme numbers for skilled and business migrants.

Your Expression of Interest will remain in the Pool for six months or until a selection occurs.  If it hasn't been selected during that time, it will be withdrawn.  We will let you know if your Expression of Interest is withdrawn, and you may submit another Expression of Interest - along with the Expression of Interest fee - if you wish.

If your Expression of Interest is selected from the Pool we will do some preliminary checking and verification to see whether the claims made in your Expression of Interest can be verified as credible and legitimate.  We aim to complete our checking within two to four weeks following the selection, but this will depend on how much verification is required and how easily we can check the information you have provided.  Then, depending on the outcome of that process, we will either send you an Invitation to Apply, or let you know your Expression of Interest will not proceed any further.

History of EOI selection points
Expressions of Interest submitted under the Skilled Migrant Category are entered into the Expression of Interest Pool. We rank Expressions of Interest in the pool from highest to lowest points claimed, and make regular selections from the pool. 





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