International Graduate Entrepreneur 毕业生企业家


The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is for recent graduates of a Nova Scotia university or the Nova Scotia Community College. They must have already started or bought a Nova Scotia business and operated it for at least a year. If they intend to settle in Nova Scotia, the graduate may be nominated for permanent resident status. Application to the stream is by invitation only.


Nova Scotia国际毕业生企业家项目,是指NS省大学或社区学院的毕业生,他们在NS省创办或购买business后,运营满1年,则可以获发提名函。









Points Grid - Expression of Interest

请参考官方guideline: page 13-16页





Businesses that are not eligible under the IGE Stream:
• Businesses that are conducted remotely (from another Canadian jurisdiction or from another country)
• Property rental, investment, and leasing activities.
• Real estate construction/development/brokerage, insurance brokerage or business brokerage. Unless
the applicant can prove their business in one of these areas is of compelling benefit to the Province of
Nova Scotia.
• Professional services or self-employed business operators requiring licensing or accreditation.
• Pay day loan, cheque cashing, money changing and cash machines.
• Pawnbrokers.
• Credit unions.
• Home-based businesses; unless the applicant can prove their business will have a compelling
benefit to the Province of Nova Scotia.
• Businesses involved in the production, distribution or sale of pornographic or sexually explicit
products or services.
• Co-operatives.
• Investments into a business operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment
• Joint ventures between NSNP program applicants.
• Any other type of business that by association could would tend to bring NSOI, NSNP, or the
Government of Nova Scotia into disrepute.


The applicant must demonstrate that they are receiving compensation in the form of a salary from the business,
which must, at minimum, meet the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) as defined by Statistics Canada. The eligible
business has to be in sound financial health. This means that it must be producing revenue and earning sufficient
profits to allow the owner to become economically established in the province.



Additional Criteria When Starting a New Business
If starting a business the applicant must have created a minimum of one full-time or equivalent part-time
employment opportunity for a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident in Nova Scotia (non-relative worker). This
position(s) must:
• Be over and above any position filled by the approved applicant. For clarity, jobs created for or filled by
dependents or relatives of the applicant are not eligible.
• Be relevant and directly related to the applicant’s business.
• Meet the prevailing wage levels. (see,

Additional Criteria When Purchasing an Existing Business
If the applicant has purchased an existing Nova Scotia business, all of the following apply:
• The Nova Scotia based business must have been in continuous operation in Nova Scotia by the
same owner for the previous five (5) years.
• Applicants must have offered employment on similar terms and conditions to existing staff, including maintaining
existing wages and employment terms.








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