Nominee Program for employers



a registered business, industry association, or a local, municipal, First Nation or territorial government in the Northwest Territories.Registered and operational for a minimum of one (1) year.



There are three program streams employers may use to hire foreign nationals:

Critical Impact Workers
Skilled Workers
Express Entry System for Skilled Workers

Critical Impact Worker stream


--工作满6个月,职业是Skill Level C – intermediate jobs (usually requiring high school or job-specific training);Skill Level D – labour jobs.

Foreign nationals must have worked in the same position for six (6) months and be in good standing with the requirements of their temporary foreign work permit.




Skilled Workers


Foreign Nationals who own/operate or invest in a business within the Northwest Territories are not eligible for nomination under the Employer Driven streams, but might be eligible under the Business Stream.

--职业必须是NOC 0 A B;




--NOC 0 A职业需要CLB6的语言,NOC B需要CLB5的语言;


Express Entry System for Skilled Workers

--满足Skilled Workers的所有要求;

--同时满足Express Entry准入要求;


Skilled Workers/Express Entry System for Skilled Workers guide: 



How long must a foreign national be employed before an employer can apply to the Nominee Program?

Under the Critical Impact Worker Stream, the foreign national must be employed in their position for a minimum of six months. The Skilled Worker Stream and Express Entry Stream do not have minimum time requirements for employment with the nominating employer but the foreign national must have at least one year experience in the occupation they are being nominated for.


Is the employer required to submit financial statements?

No. The employer is not required to submit financial statements; however, Nominee Program staff may request financial statements to ensure the company is operational and viable.


Do I need to submit an LMIA?

Employers applying to nominate a foreign national through the Employer driven streams do not need to submit an LMIA, but must follow advertising requirements.


Can I nominate a Foreign National from abroad?

Critical Impact Workers (NOC C & D) abroad are not eligible for nomination, as they must work for their northern nominating employer for a minimum of six (6) months prior to applying to the program. 

Skilled workers (NOC O, A & B) are typically not eligible for nomination when living abroad or in Canada without a valid work permit. However, in exceptional circumstances and depending on the Employer’s business case and operational circumstances, the Nominee Program may consider assessing a file.



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