Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

二、NB省毕业生创业移民NBPNP – Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

--持有有效的valid post-graduation work permit;

--面试:Interview If you appear to meet the PGES Eligibility requirements you will be contacted to participate in an in-person interview with NBPNP Immigration Officers . The interview will include a site visit to your business. It is anticipated that the interview will take place within 15 business days of NBPNP’s request. Failure to participate in the interview within the time period determined by NBPNP will result in the refusal of your application .
审计报告:Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report 
As part of your application, you must provide an Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report. These reports must be prepared by one of New Brunswick’s designated Audit Service Verifiers as listed at:Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (Immigration and Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada): 








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