Required Documents for SINP


You must provide all required documents to prove you’re eligible for SINP nomination. You’ll also need these documents to prove your identity, work experience, academic credentials, language ability, finances, etc. The SINP may also ask for more documentation that is not listed below.

General Guidelines
All required documents must be clear and easy-to-read copies of the original documents.  If your documents aren’t in English or French, you must submit the following:

A copy of the original document;
A copy of the English or French translation of the document; and,
A copy of an affidavit from the translator, describing their translation ability.
About Translators
Translators must be:

Certified by a regulatory body, as required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
Translators must not be:

A family member
A Spouse
Anyone who works for or who is a paid consultant or representative preparing your application.
Make sure translations meet all federal requirements when you're applying for permanent residency.

If your documents are unclear, missing, or not translated into English or French, your application will berejected and the SINP will send you instructions on what is missing and how to apply again.



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